Community Cleaning to be Held on May 26 with Jessica Rosenthal MP

Community Cleaning to be Held on May 26 with Jessica Rosenthal MP

Seraji Foundation in cooperation with BASUG Diaspora and Development, House of Integration, German-Bengali Association Cologne-Bonn, Die Grenz and Our Voice Online held the views exchange and community cleaning on Sunday in Duisdorf.

Since July 2021, the organisations and initiatives have regularly organized the views exchange and community cleaning on the last Sundays of the month. BonnOrange supports the campaign with orange-coloured bags, hand gloves and the collection of the garbage-filled bags from the site.

After the first experience of joining the community cleaning with her 6-year-old daughter, Shumaya Alam Sharna confirmed that the experience has a long-term effect on the children, always reminding them when they want to throw the garbage somewhere. It is therefore important that all citizens gain such good experiences with children and families together.

The organizers emphasized, among other things, the importance of volunteering - also in the context of good neighborhood, mutual understanding, cleanliness,  sustainable lifestyle and the realization of a living in a diverse society. The campaign also inspired many neighbors to get involved. Together they set an example for environmental protection and show that each individual can make a contribution to preserve our environment.

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One of the participants Dr. med. Nafisa Tabassum said, “The work was a symbol of awareness for us and others, so that we can be more careful about environmental pollution. We mainly collected plastic waste, because they are reusable and do not dissolve in the soil. The plastic waste in the environment eventually goes to the water bodies and is consumed by fish and other sea animals, which is later actually absorbed by us as microplastics, which is one of the main causes of various cancers in our body. Therefore, we look forward to seeing more people in this social activity in the near future so that we can create a better environment for ourselves.”

Dr. Hossain Abdul Hai, Chairman of Seraji Foundation, praised the huge participation of the Bonner population and emphasized the importance of environmental protection. The Chief Editor of the magazine 'Die Grenze', Riazul Islam, appreciated the community cleaning as an important step towards a clean city.

They have announced that the Member of the German Federal Parliament from Bonn Jessica Rosenthal will join the community cleaning as Chief Guest in Duisdorf on May 26th. On the occasion, three volunteer members of the association will be honored with an award for their highest participation in the community cleaning events last three years.