MP Jessica Rosenthal Took Part in the Community Cleaning in Duisdorf

MP Jessica Rosenthal Took Part in the Community Cleaning in Duisdorf

Jessica Rosenthal MP actively participated in the community cleaning organised by Seraji Foundation e.V. in cooperation with BASUG Diaspora and Development, House of Integration, Deutsch-Bengalische Gesellschaft Köln-Bonn e.V., Die Grenze and Our Voice Online on Sunday, May 26 in Duisdorf.

Bonn, May 26

Member of the German Federal Parliament Jessica Rosenthal emphasised the importance of the commitment to nature and also to society and said, ‘There are two categories of people I meet. Some say that this and that bothers me. But then there is a second category of people, including you, who certainly see things and say that we can do something ourselves. We can do our bit to make our city more liveable, to preserve our nature so that there isn't more and more rubbish in the street. So the issue of local cleanliness, which we all want for our homes, for our city of Bonn, we can also do something ourselves. When I learnt that you have been doing this regularly for over three years, I was extremely impressed. It clearly shows that you are getting things done. You take the bag, the gloves and pick up the rubbish. That might be a small thing, you might think. But I believe that when it comes to looking at our society as a whole, it's not a small thing at all. If you are committed to the community and want to make a contribution in the sense of keeping it clean, keeping it together and, of course, preserving our nature and doing something concrete for it.’

Since July 2021, the associations and initiatives have regularly organised the exchange meeting and community cleaning on the last Sunday of every month. BonnOrange supports the campaign with bin bags, gloves and the collection of the bags from the place of event. 

Among other issues, the organisers emphasised the importance of volunteering - also in the context of good neighbourhood, a good environment, cleanliness, a sustainable lifestyle and the realisation of a living society of the many. Together, they set an example for environmental protection and show that each individual can make a contribution to preserving our environment. 

Managing Director of the House of Integration Juboraj Talukder, Chairman of the Fatih Mosque in Bad Godesberg Hasan Caliskan Elktir and Dr Hossain Abdul Hai, Chairman of the Seraji Foundation e.V., praised the great participation of the Bonn population and emphasised the importance of environmental protection. The Chief Editor of the magazine ‘Die Grenze’, Riazul Islam, moderated the discussion and recognised the community cleaning as an important step towards a clean city.

Afterwards, three volunteer members of the association Nurul Islam, Salma Ahamed and the youngest participant Aayaan Mahfuz were honoured with an award for their continuous participation in the community cleaning for over three years.