Annual Report 2017 of Seraji Foundation e.V.

Annual Report 2017 of Seraji Foundation e.V.

The Seraji Foundation's (SF) first initiative is the online news portal Our Voice. The website is available in three languages namely German, English and Bengali.

Through this news platform, the international non-profit organisation SF regularly publishes a large number of articles on regional and international topics such as democracy, education, sustainable development goals (SDGs), migration, integration, anti-discrimination, art and literature, sport, science and business issues.

Asian European Media Network (AEMNet) 

One of the media development initiatives of SF is the network of Asian and European media organizations AEMNet. Through this network, the organisation strives to support freedom of the press, freedom of expression, democracy, media education and the safety of journalists in Asian and European countries.

Die Grenze / Schimanto (

Another initiative of the organisation is the print version of the magazine entitled Die Grenze or in Bengali Schimanto. The editorial team conducts interviews with reputed personalities within and outside the Bengali community on migration, integration, education and sustainable development and publishes the magazine twice a year. The magazine contains literary articles, poems, short stories, photo reports, history and interviews in German and Bengali. It has also an online version, where most of the articles and stories are published in both Bengali and German languages. 

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