Seraji Foundation Member of the Anti-discrimination Network in Bonn

Seraji Foundation Member of the Anti-discrimination Network in Bonn

Discrimination is part of everyday life for many people, even in an international UN city like Bonn, when looking for accommodation or work, when dealing with authorities, at school and in public. For this reason, since June 2016, a network of around 26 organizations and initiatives has been committed to the goal of strengthening and expanding anti-discrimination work in Bonn.

After an initial consolidation phase in which the network developed its goals, tasks and self-image, its existence is now announced. The network has drawn up a joint statement. It says, discrimination occurs “when people are treated unequally or disadvantaged without objective justification and their universal human rights are violated due to personal, social, actual and/or attributed characteristics”.

The network's central goals are, on the one hand, to raise public awareness of discrimination in all its facets. On the other hand, the network would like to develop recommendations for action to protect the disadvantaged and to promote prejudice-conscious co-existence in Bonn. Those affected should be informed about the contact points and network actors in Bonn.

The network develops joint strategies and measures against structural and everyday discrimination, exchanges experiences and regularly trains itself. A public poster campaign and exhibition is planned for next year to raise awareness of discrimination.

The network calls on other organizations and initiatives to take part in the network and support the activities. The conditions for joining the network are recognition of the joint declaration and active participation.

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