• 17 Jul, 2024

Community Cleaning and Views Exchange Took Place on Sunday in Duisdorf

Community Cleaning and Views Exchange Took Place on Sunday in Duisdorf

As part of the KOMM AN NRW project, the non-profit association Seraji Foundation (SF) carried out the orientation and community cleaning in Duisdorf on Sunday. Bonn Orange supported the SF initiative with gloves and garbage bags.

After a welcome from Dr. Hossain Abdul Hai, Chairman of Seraji Foundation e.V. (SF), Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Die Grenze Riazul Islam presented some important aspects of voluntary commitment to society and neighbourhood.

Among others, members of the House of Integration, BASUG Diaspora and Development e.V., German-Bengali Association e.V., Die Grenze and Our Voice Online actively took part in the campaign.

In their greetings, the guests emphasized, among other things, the importance of keeping the environment clean from plastic. The world is drowning in plastic waste. It pollutes the rivers, seas and beaches, kills countless animals and even ends up in our food as fine microplastics.

The meeting was part of the project supported by the German initiative KOMM AN NRW with funds from the NRW Ministry for Children, Families, Refugees and Integration. Bonn Orange provided gloves and orange coloured garbage bags for the campaign.

Free registrations for the regular meeting and community cleaning are requested at [email protected]