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Exchange Meeting and Community Cleaning Took Place in Duisdorf

Photo ©AbdulHai/SF

Bonn, August 28

​​As part of the KOMM AN NRW project, the non-profit association Seraji Foundation held the exchange meeting and community cleaning campaign in Duisdorf on Sunday. The next orientation and community cleaning will be held on September 25 at 11 am in Duisdorf,

At the beginning of the exchange meeting Riazul Islam, Project Director of Seraji Foundation presented the welcome address. The participants highly appreciated the initiative. They have admitted that simply collecting rubbish once a month won’t solve the whole problem. But this initiative creates a long-term effect on the participants and also the neighbors, so that carelessly thrown away rubbish should not grow in the ground, lie chopped up or end up in water – and thus sooner or later on our plates. Bottles, packages, paper, small pieces of clothes, plastic, cigarette butts, masks, cans were found on the asphalt and in bushes. The campaign also inspired many neighbors to take part in the cleaning initiative.

Among others Vice President of the House of Integration Nurul Islam and Chairman of Seraji Foundation Abdul Hai, BASUG members Kawsar Ul Hoq and Hananou Mahmud addressed the meeting.

In the speeches, the guests emphasized, among other things, the importance of voluntary work and role models in the context of cooperation, living in harmony, cleanliness, a climate-friendly lifestyle and the realization of a society of diversity. They also took the African proverb as inspiration: When many small people do many small things in many small places, the face of our earth will change.

The meeting was part of the project supported by the German initiative KOMM AN NRW with funds from the NRW Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration. The participants also included members of the partner organizations BASUG, Die Grenze, Our Voice Online and Haus der Integration and German-Bangladesh Association.

Registrations for the regular meeting are requested at serajifoundation.bonn@web.de