SF Media Initiative Our Voice in Three Languages


    Bonn, July 30 (SF): Our Voice has been gradually popular media platform in three languages namely Bangla, English and German since 2017.

    Seraji Foundation, registered in the District Court of Bonn as international development organisation, has three media development initiatives. One of them is online media platform Our Voice.

    Our Voice publishes current news stories on political, economic, scientific, environmental, educational, migration and sports related events. It also publishes posts related art, culture, literature including poetry, short stories, drama and creative writings.

    Our Voice has cooperation with the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle in three languages. Moreover, Our Voice has a wide network with media outlets and organisations in about one hundred countries in the world through partnership, cooperation and correspondence.

    Its core value is to respect the dignity of its readers, visitors and all people concerned. Peace, humanity and brotherhood are key aspects of Our Voice including the promotion of media and journalistic ethics in all spheres. Media literacy is one of the core objectives of Our Voice, as the audience should have the access and skills to appreciates, criticise and influence the choice and path of the media initiatives.