SF Initiative AEMNet to Bring Media Professionals Together


    Bonn, July 30 (SF): Asian European Media Network AEMNet has been gradually expanding its activities and network in different regions since 2017.

    Seraji Foundation, registered in the District Court of Bonn as international development organisation, has three media development initiatives. One of them is media development network AEMNet.

    AEMNet has members from media outlets, art, literature and creative fields. It works to promote the opportunities of networking and capacity building for all media professionals irrespective of gender, age, nationality and religious orientation. It protects the rights of the artists, creative workers and media workers against all forms of discrimination, harassment, exploitation and threats because of their professional works.

    AEMNet has cooperation with the regional and international media associations, unions and networks. It has also wide coverage and linkage with media outlets and organisations in more than one hundred countries in the world through partnership, cooperation and correspondence.

    Its core value is to respect the dignity of its members, associates and all people concerned. Peace, humanity and brotherhood are key aspects of AEMNet including the promotion of media and journalistic ethics in all spheres. Media literacy is one of the core objectives of this network, as the art and media consumers should have the access and skills to appreciates, criticise and influence the choice and path of the media initiatives.