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Human Chain in front of UN in Bonn for Justice for Farazi

Photo: AH/SF

Bonn, 16 May: Since almost one decade Badal Farazi has been passing his days inside the prison first in India and then again in Bangladesh. For the immediate steps from the United Nations and other human rights organizations to ensure justice for Badal Farazi a human chain has been formed in front of the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany.

International development organization Seraji Foundation and Bangladeshi expatriates in Europe have organized the human chain and termed the case of Badal Farazi as very inhuman and conducted human chain also in front of the International Criminal Court in The Hague in the Netherlands. Moreover they have planned to organize similar protest and human chain in the German capital Berlin, European headquarter in Brussels, Belgium and United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.   

Human rights organizations in India and Bangladesh have already taken several initiatives and protests for the release of Badal Farazi from Bagerhat and they have been conducting lobby work with the concerned authorities of Indian and Bangladesh government. As a consequence Badal Farazi has been handed over to the Bangladesh government and sent back to Bangladesh on 6 July 2018. But he has been still passing days in prison, though he has committed not a small crime to be imprisoned for a single day, as proven from the human rights agencies and media reports.

Among others Editor of the bilingual magazine from Bonn “Die Grenze” Riazul Islam, Science Editor of Online Media Platform Md Khurshid Hassan Sajib, journalist Hossain Abdul Hai, Azim Sarkar, Mithun Pranab, Yeasmin Tamanna, Mahfuza Akter Ruby took part in the human chain.

Human rights activists said, the moderate attitude, affection to education and educational achievement during last one decade of Badal Farazi and the findings of human rights organizations and media organizations proved that he is innocent and he was not at all involved in the alleged murder. That is why human rights activists demanded the steps of national human rights commission of Bangladesh to release Farazi without any further delay. Photo: AH/OV